1 define stage product or service information 1 point choose either product service or process to improve define the project scope two objectives and the duration identify the project s team key stakeholders 2 measure stag

Six Sigma Implementations – Business Wiki

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Six Sigma is a common quality management practice used to help businesses improve their current processes, products or services by detecting the defects and find ways to eliminate them. Many successful examples by well-known companies demonstrated this methodology`s efficiency such as in Motorola, Amazon, General Electric…..etc.

In practice, these companies use one of two paths to implement six sigma: DMAIC, which contains five phases ( Define , Measure , Analyze , Improve , Control ) , and DMADV which includes ( Define , Measure , Analyze , Design , Verify ). The first path is covered in details by our course materials.

In this assignment, suppose that you are working at a company as Quality Records Investigator. In order to improve a current process, product or service, you were asked by the manager to create a plan using six-sigma methodology specifically (DMAIC).

To work on this assignment, choose a product or service, or process that you think it needs to be improved. Create a wiki and Share the following with your instructor & classmates:

1.Define Stage : Product or Service Information: ( 1 point )

Choose either product, service, or process to improve.

Define the project scope, two objectives, and the duration.

Identify the project`s team (key stakeholders).

2.Measure stage: ( 1 point)

Use a process flowchart to identify the current process for your choice ( Inputs , action , outputs)

Choose a measurement for your analysis (Nominal, Ordinal, Interval, Ratio).

3.Analyze stage : (1 point)

Based on your process flowchart and your desired outcomes, Define the Sources of Process Variation. (Causes of problem, or non-value processes)

4.Improve stage 🙁 1 point )

Present no more than two conditions that have to be exited to work your desired plan.

5.Control stage 🙁 1 point )

Identify two tangible & intangible measurements that the company can use to evaluate their performance after the improvement.

In which way the company can help their employees to embrace the new changes (training, reward system …)

Assignment Guidelines:

  1. This assignment is an individual assignment.
  2. All students are encouraged to use their own word.
  3. Use the course materials related ( chapters 13,14,15,16,17)
  4. The submission method will be through blackboard ( create wiki).
  5. In addition use the attached word document to fill your answers and attach it to your wiki.
  6. The word count for this assignment must be between 500 to 700 words.
  7. Student must apply Harvard Referencing Style within their reports.
  8. Student is allowed to cite 10% from the word limit(500 word limit means 50 words can be cited).
  9. Please note that each submission will be subjected to plagiarism check. A mark of zero and a warning will be given for any submission that includes copying from other resource without referencing it.

Submission Instructions: Post your assignment as per your professor’s instructions.