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VICTORIA UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF BUSINESS BAO5524 PROFESSIONAL AUDITING – SY SEMESTER 2, 2018 AUDITING ASSIGNMENT Due on Sunday, 30th September, 2018 at 11.55pm Max. 3000 words 20 marks Table of Contents Sustainability Bank Ltd ______________________________________________________ 2 Submission Instructions ______________________________________________________ 5 Assignment submission __________________________________________________________ 5 Referencing and style ____________________________________________________________ 5 Preventing plagiarism ___________________________________________________________ 6 Assignment Feedback Sheet and Marking Guide __________________________________ 7 Group Documented Minutes __________________________________________________ 8Sustainability Bank Ltd You are assigned to the audit team of your firm’s new client, Sustainability Bank Ltd (SBL) for the year ended 31 December, 2018. As part of your responsibilities you have been asked to assist in the planning process of SBL’s audit and are provided with the following information: • SBL is a retail bank which services mainly households and small-to-medium businesses. It does not operate in the larger corporate banking area. It prides itself in providing a high standard of personal service to its customers with a minimum of fees on personal banking. The principal activities of SBL include residential and investment property lending, consumer lending, financial planning services, mortgage insurance cover, commercial lending and funds management. • SBL operates through a network of 100 retail branches and agencies all over Australia and is particularly popular in the rural and country areas. It also provides payments services through an expanding network of automatic teller machines (ATM) and electronic funds transfer at point of sale (‘EFTPOS’) terminals. It encourages internet banking and rewards customers by charging reduced bank fees on internet…


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