A clarifier in a wastewater treatment plant contains wastewater with a bulk concentration of TCE of 0.010 kmol m-3. The clarifier operates at 1.0 atm and a constant temperature of 20 °C. The overall diameter is 2.0 m and it is enclosed to contain the (sometimes smelly) gases which are emitted from the wastewater. Fresh air is blown into this enclosure to remove the gases emitted from the clarifier and is then sent to an incinerator. The TCE content in the gas leaving the clarifier is 4.0 mol %. The liquid film mass transfer coefficient for the clarifier is estimated as kx=0.200 kmol ni-2s-1 and the gas film mass transfer coefficient is k=0.0001 kmol 11111-2S-1. Assuming that this wastewater has the same molar density and TCE equilibrium relationship as in Question 1, determine the following:
(a) Determine the mole fraction x,) and molar ratio XA of TCE in the wastewater
9 marks
(b) What would be the mole fraction yA* of TCE in the air, if in equilibrium with 0.010 kmol 1-11-3 ICE in the wastewater? (i.e. saturation mole fraction in gas phase)
2 marks
(c) What would be the mole fraction x,-,” of TCE in the wastewater, if in equilibrium with 4 nnolcY0 TCE in the air? (i.e. saturation mole fraction in liquid phase)
2 marks



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