Assignment 2: A Critical evaluation of company strategy within an industry context Your task is to critically evaluate the current strategic management of an assigned company and critique its strategies using perspectives of paradox. It is essential that your critical analysis incorporates THREE strategic dichotomies developed within the module and that you appropriately reference the authors of the strategic perspectives you present. Depending on the industry context and company investigated such dichotomies could for example be: (a) In researching the nature of the organisation’s environment and industry structure, do key issues exhibit characteristics of complexity? (Chapter 1) Provide evidences of these characteristics. (b) Does the company’s strategy appear to be market or resource driven? (Chapter 5) Provide evidences that explain why the company has chosen a predominantly ‘fit’ or ‘stretch’ strategy & critically discuss its appropriateness. (c) Does the company’s strategy represent a compliance with competitive industry conditions or does it seek to create strategic opportunities by breaking the rules? (Chapter 8) (d) Should corporate strategy focus on portfolio market response or exploitation of synergies? and what use can be made of networks as a strategic tool? (Chapter 7) (e) What are the implications for creativity in strategic thinking and the implications for leadership in the organisation? (Chapter 9) (f) To what extent is it appropriate for a company to develop ‘global’ strategy perspectives? Or is ‘localisation’ more important? (Chapter 10) Document Preview:

Order IdEHUK4630Order TypeAssignmentWords3000Deadline2015-01-08TopicCorporate strategySubjectMarketingRefrence SystemHarvard (With Page Numbers)Writer NameDM AssociateAdditional RequirementHi, I need assignment 2 only. please follow the structure.Thank you.Admin Remark• Need a high standard of work • Please follow the primary research strictly • Do make sure all the requirements have met and cross checked. • No basic mistakes will be accepted such as – grammar , spelling error, meaningless lengthy sentences, missing references , PLAGIARISM and/or SIMILARITIES..


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