• Discussion Topic

    A strength and conditioning coach for ABC University was instructing a basketball player on the proper technique to lift weights. In the middle of the instruction the coach’s cell phone went off and he left the weight room to take the call. While the player continued to lift weights, a dumbbell fell on his chest causing serious injuries. The player sued the coach and ABC University alleging negligence. Will he recover against the coach? ABC University?

    A) List and explain each of the elements of negligence and apply them to the facts of this case (point them out in the facts).

    B) Describe two defenses the coach has and two defenses the University has.

    C) Who wins and why?

    Be sure to: 1) identify the legal source of the issue; i.e. Westlaw

    2) use and define the legal words/phases that apply;

    3) include a minimum of two [2] internet references;

    4) properly cite and reference all sources using APA format;