Assignment Description
A wholesale business is expanding, they hire you as a network engineer to design and implement their IT
infrastructure. It is an assumption that the organisation intends to go with the latest technology however,
reasonable budget and expending is highly recommended.
In a face-to face meeting with a manager, you receive general information about the organisation. In the
meeting, it is advised to collect the rest of the requirements. The general information is as follows:
There are two sites one in Sydney and other in Melbourne. Sydney site requires 40 employees while
Melbourne site have 25 Employees. Both the sites have Customer Services, IT, Sales and Marketing. The
Sydney site have two extra Departments i.e. Human Resource and Accounting.
A network design and implementation proposal is required. As a part of proposal, submit a report to address
following two tasks.
Task 1:
In order to gather (user, application, and network requirements) different techniques i.e. Interviews and
questionnaire are used. Create a questionnaire to get application requirements. The questionnaire must have
at least 10 questions. Describe the purposed of each question and categorise the questions whether it is
focused to user, application or device requirements. Record possible answers to use in next task.
Task 2:
? Based on the requirements identified at Task1, design a WAN structure of the businessshowing all devices
such as routers, switches, links, etc. by Using a relevant network designing software. Draw a diagram to
illustrate your high-level design.
? Determine Network Addresses by using the subnet 192.168.P.0/24, where P is your group number. You
also need to use Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM) technique whilst creating the subnets and allow
30% for possible future expansion.
? You need to explain the technical aspects for the choosing devices such routers, switches, hubs, Aps,
cables, servers etc.
? (Using either Netsim or GNS3 or Packet Tracer) Configure the topology devices with basic configurations,
routing and NAT. Extra configuration such as VLAN and Port security entitled to extra marks.



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