Assignment Description Objectives: You have been hired as an IT Consultant to design a network for a 24/7 Call Centre that requires installation and implementation of networking hardware/software. You are required to use the latest technologies which can accommodate their network load now and for another five years. Task 1: It’s difficult to build a solution if you don’t know the requirements. Your task is to gather requirements (User, Application, Device and Network) to complete this project with the help of techniques such as Questionnaire, interview from Users or Call Centre Management staff. Students must discuss questionnaire/interview with tutor before finalizing all requirements. Furthermore, with the help of diagram’s and flow charts, categorize and discuss all requirements in groups and create an Assessment plan for the Call Centre network. Task 2: Your task is to come up with a logical, efficient and scalable network design that is suitable for the 24/7 Call Centre. Analyze all requirements gathered in Task 1 and proposed suggestions accordingly. Create network performance metrics including (Bandwidth, Delay, Jitter, Packet loss, Utilization, uptime or responsiveness etc) and justify your proposed solution. Your report should also include suggestions for a network analyzer for network diagnostics, monitoring and troubleshooting. Make sure you provide enough information that will allow IT technicians to build network infrastructure from scratch. The Company has allowed an adequate budget to purchase any networking device such as routers, switches, IP phones, access points, network cables etc yet obviously does not want to spend more than necessary.