American Psychological Association: Antisocial Behaviour- Report Writing Assignment Help


Statistical Software R
The assignment consists of:
1. Choosing a psychological model to design a psychological experiment – My 2 Variables are ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR — — CRIME RATE
2. Psychological research design and data collection method required
3. The 2 variables must have a causal explanation
4. No extra variables – only these 2
5. 1 variable needed to be a psychological construct (Antisocial behaviour)

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6. Simulating data with the statistical software R,
7. Organising and analysing those data using the model comparison approach, and
8. Presenting a brief research report.

The assignment contains three elements:
1. A graphical psychological model that shows the relationship between variables.
A. Psychological model to use are ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIOUR — — – CRIME RATE
2. An organised data frame (table) of the simulated data.
3. A research report of maximum 800 words that follows the guidelines of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association for referencing

The research report should contain the following sections:

Introduction: Explains the rationale of the study, including the psychological model. It introduces the psychological model and states the hypothesis (or hypotheses) tested in the study.

Method: Contains the details necessary for another researcher to replicate the study. It includes the subsections “Participants”, “Materials” and “Procedure”.

Results: It presents descriptive statistics and inferential statistics using the model comparison approach.

Discussion: It indicates whether the hypothesis was supported by the data, which model best fits the data, and relates the results of the present study with previous research. It also discusses the limitations of the study and offers suggestions for future research.