An aqueous solution of Na2CO3 saturates at 300 K to form, Na2CO3.3H2O crystals. 10 kg/h of 35 mass% aqueous solution enters a continuous evaporative crystallizer at 335 K and 1.5 kPa.
Additional information:*The boiling point rise of the solution is 12 K* The heat of crystallization is 175 kJ/kgd.*The mean heat capacity of the solution is 4.2 kJ/kge. At 1.5 kPa water boils at 286 K and the latent heat of vaporization is 2470 kJ/kgf.*Over the temperature range 270 K and 350 K the solubility of Na2SO4 in water is given by: Solubility = 0.55 T – 127.6 kg/100 kg water
1.1.Draw a schematic diagram that depicts the crystallization process showing all the entering and leaving streams with the given information.1.2.Determine the actual evaporation rate.1.3.Determine the yield of crystals and solution formed using the mass balance method.