Assignment 1 Marking Criteria

Students Name & ID:

Marker:                                                                                                            Mark:                               Grade:

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Excellent                   (A range)

Good –                     V. Good (B range)

Satisfactory                       (C range)

Unsatisfactory                   (D and below)

Introduction                         Selection of a product                         (or service) for sale in Brazil and Vietnam.

Excellent introduction                      to essay. Scenario for the product and marketing this product into                      Brazil and Vietnam, well summarised and well understood.

Good introduction –                 mostly engages the reader. Able to explain the country differences                        between Brazil and Vietnam and the chosen product’s (or service)                 characteristics.

Introduction needs some                        work. Need to further clarify the characteristics of the product                     (or service), and the environment of Brazil and Vietnam.

No/very little                     introduction to essay body and key ideas. Lacks clarification of                   the two countries’ environment and the characteristics of the                 selected product (or service).

External Environmental                         factors: cultural, political, legal, social, economics, etc.

Excellent in-depth                         understanding of the external environment in Brazil and Vietnam.                         Extremely good application of macro environmental frameworks and                         analysis of literature. Goes far beyond class material.

Good understanding of                         external environment in Brazil and Vietnam. Good understanding of                       macro dimensions/ factors and applied to environmental frameworks.                      Needs more critical analysis for A range.

Understanding of macro                       environment satisfactory but needs more depth.  Superficial                         understanding of concepts.

Incorrect/no attempt at                     understanding chosen macro environmental dimensions that will                   impact on marketing in the two host countries.

Cultural Aspects

Excellent application of                    relevant (4 or more) cultural factors that have impact on the sale                         of the product (or service) in the two countries. Very clear                 understanding of what needs to be done for the product (or                        service) to succeed. Logical and based from information gathered.

Identified several (3-4)                         cultural factors that have impact on the successful marketing of                     the product (or service) in Brazil and Vietnam.  Requires more                         depth in reasoning to move to A range.

Identified several (2-3)                     cultural factors that will impede marketing of the selected                    product (or service) in the two countries but lacks clarity and                         justification.

Brief                  explanation of the potential impact of culture but made no attempt                        at linking the cultural factors to the product (or service). Lack                  justification on why product (or service) modifications are                    necessary.


Adequate references                         (academic and empirical) are used; referencing style is                         appropriate.

Overall a good attempt.                         Arguments need more underpinning/referencing style needs more                       work.

Inadequate references                         used (academic and empirical)/referencing style needs work.

Unsatisfactory. Little                   attempt to include references and/or use an appropriate style


Spelling, grammar,                         writing style, etc. are excellent. Essay structure executed with                    flair.

Spelling,                    grammar, writing style etc. very good (B+) good (B) satisfactory                 (B-).                                          Good essay structure.

Spelling, grammar,                     writing style needs work – editing required.

Spelling, grammar,                     writing style executed poorly. No evidence of essay structure.


Excellent, well                    considered essay. Presents a powerful argument with critical and                         up-to-date                     analysis of international markets.

Overall a good attempt.                         Needs more depth and critical thinking to move to A range.

Satisfactory attempt –                         arguments and analysis appears superficial. More time and critical                        thinking would bring this grade up.

Unsatisfactory. No real                   attempt at applying factors of cultural environment to                     country/product (or service) context.