MGT552. Project Finance and Budgeting Assignment 6
1. Assume that your project has started to slip dramatically. Let’s further assume that the project deadline is fixed and can’t change. Your project currently has one developer working on module of code with 21 day duration on the critical path. You are desperate to shorten this timeframe and you are considering adding a second resource to this activity but, the resource does not have all the right skills and he might work five days just to reduce the overall time by two days. From an economic perspective is this a good move? Why?
2. Gold plating is what we call it when the project team does work on the product to add features that the requirements didn’t call for, and that the stakeholder and customer didn’t ask for and doesn’t need. Is this a good practice from an economic perspective? Why?
3. What is the difference between project managers who considers themselves implementers of others solutions versus project managers who view themselves as the CEO of a small business?



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