1. Go to https://msm.gov.om/
2. Click on Securities (there are four sectors, i.e financial, industrial, bonds and services)
and then chose sector based on your group assigned to work on.
3. After that click any company of that particular sector.
4. Each group has assigned two sectors which is shown as below;
Document Preview:

BUCA3302 Auditing First semester 2018/2019 Cover page of the assignment Auditing Group Assignment Lecturer: Dr Mohammed Hossain thSubmission due date: 20 December 2018 by 4:00PM Submission Mode: online through Turnitin Group No. Group members Student ID Student Name Group leader Declaration by group leader (This section is to be filled in the student’s own handwriting) I hereby declare that all group members’ names are correctly included in the above section. I hold a copy of this assignment, which I can produce if the original is lost or damaged. I certify that no part of this assignment has been copied from any other student’s work/group’s work or from any other source except where due acknowledgement is made in the assignment. Group leader’s signature : _____________________________________ Group leader’s name : _____________________________________ Group leader’s student ID : _____________________________________ Date: : _____________________________________ 1 | P a g e B U C A 3 3 0 2 a s s i g n m e n tBUCA3302 Auditing First semester 2018/2019 This assignment requires students to work in groups of three to four people and produce a single report for each group including an individual presentation. This group assignment weighted to 25%. This piece of assessment task will consist of Part A- Group work (20%) and Part B- an individual presentation and Q&A (5%). Due date: thAssignment submission : 20 December 2018 by 4:00 PM Individual presentation (5 minutes) : to be announced Requirement: Submission mode : Through Turnitin Cove page : must use the attached cover page Front/front size : Times New Roman; size- 12, PDF or word file Line spacing : 1.5 Submission Instructions: 1. Students must use their own words to answer all the questions. In other words, copying directly from the company’s annual report is strictly prohibited. 2. All answers must use proper English…


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