4 spanish short answer responses

Correo electrónico You have now been living with your new roommate for a while.

Your Spanish-speaking friend wants to hear how things are going. Write an email of 75-125 words describing your new roommate. Include the following:

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  • your new roommate’s name, age, and hometown
  • what he/she looks like
  • what he/she does during the week and on weekends (Include a variety of verbs as well as likes and dislikes.)
  • whether you are happy to have this new roommate
  • three questions about your Spanish-speaking friend’s roommates
  • appropriate greetings and goodbyes for an email

You have decided to start your roommate search online and need to set up an account on a social media site to begin your search. The site asks you to share some basic information about yourself. Write a description of 85-135 words that includes the following details.

  • a basic self-introduction: name, age, hometown
  • a physical description of yourself
  • your likes and dislikes
  • your favorite activities or hobbies
  • your schedule: when you typically wake up, work, go to school, eat, study, sleep, etc.

Don’t forget to proofread what you’ve written before submitting!

The next step in your search is to state what type of roommate you are seeking. Follow the outline below.

  1. Write four sentences describing the ideal roommate.
  2. Then write five questions for a potential roommate.


  • El/La compañero(a) ideal es un(a) estudiante trabajador(a) y divertido(a).
  • Pregunta: ¿A qué hora tienes clase?

¿Quién es mejor? Read the responses to your description from activity UP1-3 and follow the outline below.

1. Write four sentences about each candidate that address what you will take into consideration in choosing your new roommate. You will have a total of eight statements.


  • Paula es estudiante y es trabajadora.
  • A Juan le gusta el fútbol americano.
  • María tiene clase a las 7:30 de la mañana.

2. Now choose one of the candidates. Write a short message to this person (45-75 words) explaining why you liked his/her description and why he/she would be a good fit. Refer to the candidate’s description and the sentences you wrote for UP1-3. Express your interest in becoming roommates by starting with:

Hola, quiero ser tu nuevo(a) compañero(a) de apartamento porque. . .