400 words response to definition of the purpose of government pas related

For this Module’s writing response, you are asked to respond to this prompt in at least 400 words. It’s also necessary that you’ve reviewed the Context and readings before drafting your response.

In Module 1, you read the article on the American Government by McClain & Tauber titled, “American Government and Politics in a Racially Divided World.” It defines the purpose of government,

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“In the simplest sense, government is a social institution that controls the behavior of people. It does this by managing conflicts, establishing order, and devising rules and regulations. More concretely, government is the entity that has the authority to make decisions for you and all those who live in a political unit, such as a country, a state, or a city” (4).

What do you think of this definition of the purpose of government? What are its strengths or limitations? Is it similar to how you already viewed the purpose of government? Can you be considered “free” if someone else is making decisions on how to control your behavior? Are you willing to forego true “freedom” for the safety and protection of government? Finally, what do you think would happen if communities were able to “self-govern”?

PDF of “American Government and Politics in a Racially Divided World.” is too big to upload. please click the link below to open it in one drive.