Give some details of what you consider to be the potential size of the market and, in addition, outline if the market is scalable. You also need to provide an analysis of your firm’s main competitors. Please also highlight any risks that will need to be monitored. v) Marketing plan (500 words) You need to describe how your business will market and sell its product. You will need to make clear how your firm will position itself in the market and how it will differentiate itself from competitors. As you will be explaining your product adequately in other sections of your plan, concentrate on your firms approach to price, promotion and distribution. The decisions which you outline here need to correspond with what you describe in other sections and your positioning of the product and points of distribution. vi) Company structure / management team (200 words) This section should be fairly short, provide a concise explanation of the skills of the various team members and how they will divide up the various tasks within the business. vii) Product / Service Development and Operations Plan (700 words) Describe in detail what your product or service is and what is different / innovative about it. Identify competitor or substitute products or services and outline the advantages that your product has over these competitors. Describe what is involved in making / providing your product or service. Describe how this will be done – will your team do it yourself, will you need help, what skills, knowledge, materials, equipment etc will you need? Describe what you will need in terms of accommodation and technology, outlining whether you already have access to these or you will need to acquire them. Will you need to invest money up front to enable you to produce you product / service and, if so, how much? Outline what challenges and difficulties you can foresee as you develop your product. In addition, are there any legal requirements that you need to be aware of eg health and safety. viii) Financial projections (300 words)



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