Case preparation

To address following two questions, please prepare a max 2 pages document, font size 12, line spacing single.

  • place name, student nr,, case title, date in header (separate title page not needed)
  • Dot points are accepted, but make sure the link between answers and theoretical framework used is clear. In other words, ensure you explain why it indicates a particular issue and its effect (positive or negative). Just stating for example that supplier power is high without a reason is not an acceptable answer.
  • Use case evidence, but you do not need to include a reference in text or at the end.
  • Use theoretical frameworks to analyse. Mention once in the document which framework(s) you used, but no need to provide full references. E.g. Hambrick and Frederickson’s model or Porter’s generic strategies is sufficient information.
  • Remember that youare analysing the case, not the authors of the articles.

Question 1

Compare the strategic responses of Garmin and Tom Tom to the disruption of the personal navigation devices (PND) market. What are differences in advantages and risks.

Question 2

Bingham, Eisenhardt and Furr (week 9 reading) discuss three different strategies. Analyse Garmin’s strategy using their framework to discuss which strategy type best resembles Garmin and offer 1-2 recommendations for Garmin (e.g. Garmin’s strategy shows a lack of fit or underdevelopment on one or more dimensions in the framework).