Cross-cultural competence of a business is essential for the multinational companies where employees come with different cultures, ethnicity and languages. According to Bird and Mendenhall (2016), cross-cultural issues are high for these types of international companies due to various background of the employees. The author has stated that cross-cultural competence also works well with client and stakeholder dealings for a manager. Therefore, the importance of cross-cultural competence is not only associated with the multi-cultural workers, but also it is important for managing the external resources of the business. Document Preview:

Annotated Bibliography – 600 words – by tonight 19/05/17 or maximum tomorrow morning 10:00 am India time ( No extension allowed ) Report – 1000 words by Monday 22/05/2017 Read page one of attachment for detailed topic and what is required in report You have to choose 3 out of 4 readings and write 200 words for each reading for bibliography. Then write a report and you all 4 readings referencing in the report plus more if you want. 4 readings attached attached. respond to confirm


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