This assessment is an individual Report.
You are designing an inventory system for a company. The company deals in products of two
types; house hold items and food items. There are roughly 300 household items and around 200
food items that company needs to keep record of.
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The products are stored with relevant information in the system, which includes product type,
product name, product price, product manufacturer for house hold items and expiry for food items.
Considering the above system, specify the operations that the inventory system will require.
For each of the operations, state and justify the appropriate sorting and searching algorithms. The
algorithms that you choose have to be the ones that could be applied on the Data Structures that
you have chosen to represent products.
Later, the company has a merger with another company. Together, they have products with around
25,000 household items and 1500 food items.
What changes would you recommend in your original proposed design and why?
Tasks to be completed
Given the above information:
a) Decide the appropriate variables, keys and ranges to be used in the system. Justify.
b) The operations that Inventory should support.
c) Algorithms for the operations that your system should support. Also, justify the choice of
d) Changes for the larger system if any, to be made in the original system. Justify.
The assignment must be submitted online in Moodle. All materials MUST be submitted
electronically in Microsoft Word format. Other formats (e.g., pdf or MAC file) may not be
readable by markers. Please be aware that any assessments submitted in other formats will be
considered LATE and will lose marks until it is presented in MS Word. No paper based or
hardcopy submission will be accepted.