1a. Take your audience through the elements of Internet marketing and evaluate the Internet market mix (AC 1.1, 1.2) 1b. Compare some of the Internet marketing tools (E-tools) and further examine interactive order processing of an identified company e.g. EBay (AC 1.3, 1.4 and M 1) Task 2 2a. Demonstrate the mechanics of search engine marketing and show a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter you may have used during your campaign (AC 2.1,2.2) 2b. Online public relations is vital for an organization and there are some practices in it. Understanding of those practices will help an organization to have a better public relation on the internet. Demonstrate your findings on the best practice in online public relations (AC 2.3 and M2, D2) 2c.There are many digital media communities, for example file sharing sites, video-sharing sites and etc. Demonstrate how businesses can use new digital media communities, file-sharing sites (AC 2.4) Task 3 3a. What kind of market research did you conduct during the E-Marketing campaign? Specifically describe your use of secondary marketing research which supported any aspect of your project and show a sample online questionnaire used in collecting information whether for feedback purposes or for a decision making (AC 3.1, 3.2 and M2, D2) Document Preview:

Order IdEHUK3963Order TypeAssignmentWords2500Deadline2014-11-06TopicInternet MarketingSubjectBusinessRefrence SystemHarvard (No Page Numbers)Writer NameD & M AssociateAdditional RequirementAdmin RemarkNO PLAGIARISM + NO IRRELEVANT CONTENT + PROPER FOLLOWING OF THE GUIDELINES • Need a high standard of work • Please follow the primary research strictly • Do make sure all the requirements have met and cross checked. • No basic mistakes will be accepted such as – grammer , spelling error, meaningless lengthy sentences,missing references , PLAGIARISM and/or SIMILARITIES..


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