In this report, you will describe in 500-1000 words your career aspirations and how do you propose to get there. Use at least the following headings to organise your thoughts.

About me:In this section write about yourself; what you like, what do you enjoy doing, and how can you link this to your future career.

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Which Career: In this section describe the Networking / Information and Computing Technology (ICT) career you are considering for your future, and why.

Demand: In this section describe the current and projected future demand for this career. Provide references to real data from good websites and other documents.

My Learning Path: In this section write how do you propose to ensure that you are ready for the chosen career; and which learning strategies will you adopt for this.

List of Reference: In this section list all the websites and other references you have used. Provide in-text references for your sources of information. Follow the APA or IEEE referencing style.