Develop a web-based searchable catalogue of all resources ,categories, location.
The School of Electrical Engineering and Computing (SEEC) at the University of Newcastle maintains information about its physical and online information sources. It has many types of physical resources that it maintains which include cameras, speakers, software, phones, CDs. Every resource must has ID, description. Each resource ,also, must be classified to movable or immovable resource.
Each resource is categorised to a category. Each category has unique code ,name, description and max time to borrow.
Each resource has a specific location where they are located in . These locations have a unique id, room, building ,and campus.
• Loans
School of SEEC’s staff and students (i.e. students who enrol in courses offered by SEEC) have lending and reservation rights to School’s resources.
Members might be students or staff. Each member has unique ID, name, address, phone, email, status, comments.
The School of Electrical Engineering and Computing (SEEC) has several courses . Student members enrol in courses offered by the School. Course information about course offerings and student enrolments are maintained.
Staff member can borrow or reserve any resource . There are no limits on the number of resources used by staff. However, Student members are granted privileges based on the courses they are enrolled in to borrow movable resource.
• Acquisitions
A member can request new acquisitions to the School. An acquisition contains person requesting acquisition, item name, make, manufacturer, model, year, a description of the required item and its urgency.
• Reservations
Members can reserve resources that their privileges allow them to borrow/book. Reservations have the date and time the item is required and a due date & time.



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