This assignment is about me teaching an activity or game to preschoolers ages 4-5. I have to pick one game or activity to teach the class. For example “rhyming.” How would I be able to teach a rhyming game or activity to the preschooloer to interact and use SPOKEN LANGUAGE ONLY during the game or activity. I have attached the instructions of what needs to be on my paper. This needs to be 2 pages double spaced. Remember this has to be preschool age related. Document Preview:

Teaching Activity: Design a game or activity to provide practice with a specific structure or other aspect of spoken language (e.g., plurals, embedded clauses, wh-questions, vocabulary classification, multiple meanings, idioms, conversational skills, rhyming, synonyms, and opposites). A complete typed description of the game or activity, including sketches and construction instructions, if appropriate, will be turned in. The description should include a title, procedures and all examples to be used, as well as the target behavior and age group. Evaluation will be based on appropriateness and creativity. Note: this is spoken language only. You will present your activity in class and make a copy for each member of the class (email to classmates is acceptable).