ECO 600 week 3

Local Business like restaurants in any nation is focusing on sustainability such as minimal wastage of foods, recycling of wastage and implementing composting methods. They are using 100% material in their products made up of organic components. The local business is promoting healthy lifestyles, eco-friendly goods and conserving water, natural resources and energy etc.

On the other hand, global business like big hotels finds it hard to employ sustainability in their business operations. In shake of corporate responsibility, they usually do some social work and conversation methods for the community. Corporate sustainability is aligned with moral responsibility which can be achieved with the help of employees ‘commitment, supply chain partners, and customers.

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Sustainability is the all-encompassing model that embraces people, profits, and the planet by concerning with a business’s stakeholders and maintains social equity, minimizing business’s ecological footprint, and intentional long-term planning for profit margins (Brookshire, 2017).


Ha-Brookshire, J. (2017). Toward moral responsibility theories of corporate sustainability and sustainable supply chain. Journal of Business Ethics, 145(2), 227-237.