Evaluate the strategic intent of Waitrose Modern trade attained a significant alteration to satisfy and retain the customers for long. Due to this, the demand and reputation of the organizations operating in the retail industry are enhancing resulting in an intensification of the profitability and market share. As agreed by Percy et al. (2011) that modern trade presented a new dimension to the retailing industry. Retailing became a very pleasurable and joyful experience for the customers resulting in the improvement of the product lines. Keeping this fact in mind, most of the global retail brands undertook a strategic alteration or analysis of its vision and mission. The prime objective behind such a strategic alteration is to satisfy the demands and requirements of the customers so as to enhance the position and market reputation in the long run (Jordan, 2009). Customer satisfaction is the prime essence of success for the retailers operating in this market scenario. As customer satisfaction helps a retail organization to improve the customer base, market leadership, sustainability and market share among others. Thus, as mentioned by Mangold and David (2009) that customer satisfaction is directly related to profitability and demand of the product lines in the market. Document Preview:

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