1. Working either individually or in pairs, you will apply models from the classes and readings to your analysis of the case. 2. You have 600 words to answer question 1. 3. You have 400 words to answer question 2. 4. You are allowed to include one table, figure, diagram or chart per question. 5. You are allowed to include one appendix (in total, not per question), which presents facts arranged in a table, figure, diagram or chart format. The appendix is not included in the word count. 6. Use font point 12, single spacing, and 1-inch margins. 7. Provide a reference list using the Harvard Referencing Style. The reference list is not included in the word count. 8. The 1000-word limit for both questions (in total) will be enforced. 9. Avoid restating facts from the case or describing theories. Focus your writing on strategic analysis. Document Preview:

Order IdEHUK4046Order TypeEssayWords1000Deadline2014-11-11TopicTwo questions: Q1 should be 600 words and Q2 400. in Q1 you have to do Scenario analysis. and in Q2 stakeholder analysis ( Stakeholder- matrix)SubjectBusinessRefrence SystemHarvard (With Page Numbers)Writer NameD & M AssociateAdditional RequirementCase study and question are both attached. please i am aiming for A grade as this is my last semester and won’t get any re-sits. please. it should be 100% perfect. i won’t get any chance to re-do my work. please understand my situation, give it to your best writer. many thanksAdmin Remark•Need a high standard of work •Please follow the primary research strictly •Do make sure all the requirements have met and cross checked. •No basic mistakes will be accepted such as – grammer , spelling error, meaningless lengthy sentences,missing references , PLAGIARISM and/or SIMILARITIES..