• Typed, double spaced, 12pt font, 3-4 pages in length • Any quotes and references need to be cited and reflected in a bibliography ( MLA or APA format) • Include the marking scheme with your assignment • Due: WEEK 6 Objective: Our worldview (the way we experience and see the world around us) is shaped and influenced by our social location – that is our social characteristics and the groups we belong to. This can include many dimensions including: gender, age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, social class, nationality, abilities…This assignment is designed to get you to explore your own social locations and to examine how we are oppressed by some and privileged by others. Steps 1. Fill out the social location/identity profile presented in Week 3’s powerpoint and attach it to the assignment. 2. Of all the characteristics/groups that you have listed, identify two of the main social groups that you identify with most strongly. (Examples: Muslim/Canadian; White/ male; student/single mom; Punjabi /Sikh; Upper class/CEO; gay/musician…) 3. Explain why you view each of these as your main social characteristics/groups and explain how important each has been in shaping your personal identity and worldview (provide 2 specific examples from your life experiences to support your answer). 4. Discuss one of the most important norms (formal or informal) that each of these social groups adhere to and explain their importance to the group. 5. Identify an important material element of each of these groups and explain their significance to group members. 6. Identify and provide examples of both advantages and disadvantages that you have experienced as a result of being a part of these social groups in this society. Give some thought to this and provide an example for each side. 7. Select a person from a cultural group that is different from your own – this could be someone from a different ethnic background, different religion, different nationality, different age, different ability/disability, different economic class, etc….. Ideally select someone from a group you either know very little about or have a negative attitude towards. Interview them and summarize their thoughts and responses to the following questions: a) what they believe to be the most common misconceptions or stereotypes about their cultural group b) what they would like “others” to understand about their group…to set the record straight c) how they think these stereotypes about their group can best be overcome 8. Reflect on what you have learned from this assignment. Be sure to make reference to how exploring/understanding your own personal social location relates to how you experience and view the world around you.



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