7 business discussions

1-What elements must be present in an environmental impact statement issued by the EPA?

2-What constitutes false and deceptive practices under the Federal Trade Commission Act? What actions may the commission take where a problem exists?

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3-What exemptions, if any, apply to the Freedom of Information Act? Who, if anyone, may review an agency’s refusal to disclose information?

4-What procedures must be followed in order for a federal administrative agency to create a substantive rule? Must all proposed rules have a trial-like procedure to present evidence in support or against proposed rules?

5-What is the purpose of the Government in the Sunshine Act? When might the act not apply?

6-What constitutes a nonattainment area concerning environmental pollution? What classifications exist for such nonattainment area?

7-How do wetlands differ from land proper? Who regulates the use and classification of wetlands?