Case Study Report Due: Mon September 2nd, 9am
For this assignment, you need to write a case report responding to the referral question
posed by the fictitious paediatrician ‘Dr Eliza Spence’ for the fictitious case of ‘Sam Brown’.
You will find the following relevant materials on LMS:
• A copy of a letter from Dr Eliza Spence referring Sam Brown tothe Early Assessment
Clinic (EAC) for Autism Spectrum Disorders
o Including a completed SACS-R checklist
• Copies of the assessment protocols completed at the EAC appointments:
o Mullen Scales of Early Learning
o Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (Module 1) with notes and scores
o Autism Diagnostic Interview – Revised with notes and scores
Your task is to write a case report, taking the role of the ASD Assessment Specialist who has
completed the assessments with Sam and his parents as part of his EAC appointments. You
should review all of the above materials, interpret Sam’s scores on the various assessments,
and arrive at an answer to Dr Spence’s referral question.



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