1.Air in a room at T0 = 300 K and P0 = 100 kPa is drawn steadily by a vacuum pump through a 1.4-cm-diameter, 35-cm-long adiabatic tube equipped with a converging nozzle at the inlet. The flow in the nozzle section can be approximated as isentropic, and the average friction factor for the duct can be taken to be 0.018. Determine the maximum mass flow rate of air that can be sucked through this tube and the Mach number at the tube inlet. 2. 1.A pseudoplastic liquid having the following properties of n = 0.53, K = 26.49 N-sn/m2, and p = 975 kg/m3 is being agitated in a system where Dt = 0.304 m, Da = 0.151 m, and N = 5 rev/s. Calculate apparent viscosity, Reynolds number and the power for this system.



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