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Finance Assignment, Fall 2017 Final Homework Questions (50% of total grade) Please submit a single word or PDF document using this word doc. Do not submit additional spreadsheets, they will not be read. Please answer the question as asked, not another question, support your arguments with evidence, and be succinct. The point value and the maximum word count are indicated after the question, (2-100 indicates the question is worth 2 points and a maximum of 100 words). You may of course write fewer words than the maximum word count. Total point count is 40 points. You are on the investment committee of CalZerz, a large state retirement plan. You receive the following information about three venture capital funds from your consultant to consider as candidates for investment. You must make recommendations to your fellow committee members. (1-100) What is your recommended total allocation to venture capital? Please support your recommendation with evidence. You may choose one, two, or three managers. Which manager(s) do you select, and how much of the pension fund assets do you allocate to the manager(s)? What additional information would you request from the consultant? 20162015201420132012 Fund A20%14%8%0%0% Fund B0%4%80%(20%)0% Fund C11%10%6%11%2% 5 years ending 2016 VC median5.5% S&P 5007.5% Private equity is an asset class. Discuss. (4-250). What leverage strategies does Warren Buffett use? How are these strategies similar or different from strategies used by private equity investors? (2-150) Rank the following securities in order of priority claims on the assets of a company, from highest, or first, to lowest, or last (1-NA) Common stock Preferred stock Subordinated debt Employee options pool Senior secured debt Convertible notes Warrants Biotechnology companies are excellent IPO candidates. Discuss. (2-100) You are the CEO and founder of ChicLips, a company that uses proprietary patented algorithms to match…


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