I think I have this one figured out but would like to see another answer from comparision. Please help.
: Perform a linear regression.

14.Metro Advertising is planning a new marketing campaign for the fall. The owner was interested in determining the relationship between how much a company spends withMetro and that company’s resulting sales. If there is a strong relationship, this will be a valuable piece of data for the new campaign. Data were collected from fivedifferent companies that Metro has as clients. This is the information that was collected.
Companies Annual advertising Monthly sales
In thousands in thousands
Baker 7 50
TJ Toys 2 10
H&H 4 40
Tops 5 30
Hilliman 3 20
Based on this data, the coefficient of correlation is what?
a. 0 0.65
b. 0 0.81
c. 0 0.90
d. 0 0.34