Answer the following 9 questions. Make sure to answer each question fully. Assignment is worth 10 points. This is an individual assignment – ensure all work is your own as I will be using a software program to look for plagiarism.

Part I – thiswaytocpa.com Questions

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Go to ‘www.thiswaytocpa.com’ and answer the following questions:

1. Select one article from “The Profession” menu and briefly summarize it here.

2. Go to “CPA Profiles” within “The Profession” Menu and select one individual. Briefly summarize their role/position.

3. Take the ‘Find Your Fit’ assessment under “The Profession” Menu along the left hand side.What does it suggest as ‘your early career’ type, if you were to go into the accounting field?

Part II – startheregoplaces.com Questions

Go to ‘www.startheregoplaces.com’ and answer the following questions:

4. From the website, select ‘for students’ at the initial screen.From the ‘Why Accounting’ menu at the top, select ‘career options’ and read through the article shown. Select an area of interest to you from those listed at the bottom and describe one career option in that area.

5. On the left hand side of the website, select ‘Real-Life CPAs’.Scroll through the real-life CPAs to find two people who work in the field that you obtained when filling out the ‘Find Your Fit’ assessment in #3 of Part I, above. Describe their role / what they do.

Part III – Summary Questions

6. Based upon what you read on both of these websites, what stereotype of accountants does not seem to fit?

7. It is often said that ‘accounting is the language of business’. Based upon what you see on these websites and what we have discussed in class to date, does this make sense? Why or why not?

8. In your own words, considering what you read on these websites and we discussed in class, what is accounting?

9. Looking through the websites, what fact or piece of information did you learn that was new?