Levitt Corporation manufactures a child’s car seat produced in three separate departments: Molding, Assembling, and Finishing. It uses the “weighted- average process-costing” method to account for costs of production. The following information was obtained for the Assembling Department for the month of June: WIP, June 1st (1,000 units): Amount %Complete Prior department costs transferred-in from Molding Dept… $32,000 20,000 5,500 Costs added by the Assembling Dept. 100% 50% During the month of June, the Molding Department transferred into the Assembling Department 5,000 units at a prior department cost of $160,000. The Assembling Department added the following $150,000 of costs: $96,000 18,000 The Assembling Department completed and transferred out 4,000 units to the Finishing Department. At June 30, 2,000 units were still in WIP. The degree of completion of WIP at June 30 was as follows: Direct labor Manufacturing overhead 90% 70% 35% .. Required: Prepare a production costs report using weighted-average costing.



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