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Explore this site for trends in population growth within countries and across the world.

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Generate some Population Pyramid Graphs for at least four countries– at least two representing highly industrialized countries and at least two representing developing or deprived countries. Develop pyramids for three years: 1992, 2017, and 2042.

Pick two of your countries, including at least one industrialized and one developing or deprived country. Answer the following questions for BOTH of the countries you picked.

1) How is the population distributed among the different 5-year age classes? As time passes, how is the survival rate of different demographic groups contributing to the general increase or decrease in population size?

2) Keeping track of the years, are any external forces (wars, famine, migrations, improvements in education, etc.) evident in the expansion or contraction of that country’s population? Google information about those countries from the years represented in your demographic animation.

3) What will be the social and economic impacts of older demographic groups expanding?

On the Discussion Board Thread for this topic, use the information you collected from the above questions to write a brief summary of your two countries describing their growth trends and speculating on the forces that contribute to that past, present and future trend.