adapting to changes 1

Initech was looking at the proposal and realized that you are 30% over budget, which was not made known to you until now. They want to keep the new SOHO system at $20,000 or less. They want you to go back and propose alternatives for the install, making sure to still include all hardware and software Initech requested in the initial proposal that is necessary for their SOHO. In a 2-4 page document, propose a new installation plan that includes:

  • A complete list of equipment installed
    • All hardware. Will you continue with the hardware previously chosen? Why or why not?
    • All software. Will you continue with the software previously chosen? Why or why not?
    • All network devices. Will you continue with the network devices previously chosen? Why or why not?
  • Installation plan
    • How much labor costs will be involved? What might be some ways to keep labor costs low in order to help keep things under budget?
    • How long will the installs take? What are some things that you can implement to make sure the installs are completed on time? What alternatives will you have in place in case the installs are not completed on time?
    • How much will installing all of the equipment cost? Why? (Make sure you take into account labor costs in addition to costs for hardware, software, and other things you’ve included).

Use vocabulary and tone appropriate for your target audience–your client, Initech. If you used outside resources to support your content (for example, articles, charts, or images you use that are not your own), be sure to cite those sources.

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