alternatives to incarceration m5 discussion hakim

M5 Discussion: Hakim

The PBS Frontline video “The Released” (partially captioned, 54 minutes in length).
Note: if you should see a blank space above the link to the video, please click on these instructions to learn how to unblock content that Firefox deems “insecure.”

For this discussion, you will first review the Hakim Case Study and then watch the PBS Frontline video entitled “The Released” (54 minutes in length, synchronized closed-captioned, transcript). This is an opportunity to apply your course learning thus far and make recommendations that address the needs of the individual presented in the case. Using the case history provided, identify and describe what interventions and offender treatment options might be appropriate for Hakim at this point. You may discuss what should have been done in the past, but you should focus on what happens in the future. Are there cultural considerations that should be taken into account?

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Integrate your opinions of what theories of criminal behavior might apply to this individual and how might they affect the administration of alternative interventions (roadblocks). Ensure that you explain and support your rationales.

As always, you should post at least 250 words at the outset, and you should respond to the proposed treatment plans of other students. You will not receive full credit if you only post late in the discussion period.