analyze a b test results 1


A/B tests are very commonly performed by data analysts and data scientists. It is important that you get some practice working with the difficulties of these.

For this project, you will be working to understand the results of an A/B test run by an e-commerce website. The company has developed a new web page in order to try and increase the number of users who “convert,” meaning the number of users who decide to pay for the company’s product. Your goal is to work through this notebook to help the company understand if they should implement this new page, keep the old page, or perhaps run the experiment longer to make their decision.

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The data and the Jupyter Notebook, which are all of the files you need to complete the project, are provided for you in a downloadable zip file in the resources tab (as well as under “Supporting Materials” below).

all of the items on the
Project Rubric must meet specifications to successfully complete the project

Gather Submission Materials

Once you are satisfied with the status of your Notebook, you should save it in a format that will make it easy for others to read. You can use the File -> Download as -> HTML (.html)menu to save your notebook as an .html file. If you get an error about “No module name”, then open a terminal and try installing the missing module using pip install <module_name> (don’t include the “<” or “>” or any words following a period in the module name).

You will submit both your original Notebook and an HTML or PDF copy of the Notebook for review. There is no need for you to include any data files with your submission. If you made reference to other websites, books, and other resources to help you in solving tasks in the project, make sure that you document them. It is recommended that you either add a “Resources” section in a Markdown cell at the end of the Notebook report, or you can include a readme.txt file documenting your sources.