annotated bibliography bmal 550

Research Topic: Corporate Responsibility

Directions for Annotated Bibliography

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You will provide an annotated bibliography of 25 references that you plan to use for your research paper.This must be in APA format, with a cover page and references that each includes a summary, analysis and reflection.

An annotated bibliography is a list of sources and includes APA formatted references to the articles, books and resources which one has compiled for a research assignment.Following each reference is a brief description and an evaluation of the source. The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to benefit the researcher and provide the content, relevance and quality of the sources.

Do NOT simply cut and past the abstract as the annotation, as they are not the same.Abstracts are summaries of a source, whereas annotations also include a short summary.Abstracts include a critical aspect to note the source’s author (why should s/he be considered an expert) and they explain the usefulness of the research being performed.Along with being an excellent source for APA formatting guidelines, The Owl at Purdue has helpful information regarding annotated bibliographies and also provides helpful examples.

You can expect to keep copies of the annotated bibliography completed for this class, as some of the research may be applicable for research required for other courses.Having an annotated bibliography ensures that a quick review will help a student determine the applicability of articles previously reviewed to required research.

The APA format for an annotated bibliography is as follows:

Author Last Name, First Initial. Middle Initial. (year). Name of journal article. Name of Journal

is Next,volume(Issue), page numbers.

A brief summary of the article.

Assess the article according to the focus of the research and provide criticisms. Who is the author and how are they qualified?Reflect on the source and how it fits in the topic chosen to research. Is the source helpful? Too broad or too narrow?Explain how this research will fit into your research paper.

I have attached screenshots from the Course Textbook for further explanation of the Research Topic.