answer the following questions 159

Directions: Of the following questions below, choose only 2 to answer. Your answers are to be submitted on Canvas by the due date. For each please write 400-500 words. The same grammar and spelling rules of the semester apply. Also, if you refer to other sources, articles, or studies, you must cite them.

*Include both essays within the same document before turning in.

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1.Explain the difference between a radiative forcing and a feedback loop. Then, in detail describe 2 positive feed-back loops and 2 negative feed

-back loops on the Earth’s climate, and specifically address why each one is either positive or negative. (25 points)

2. If you only had 5 minutes to convince a friend or relative who has never taken a course on climate change that humans do in fact have a significant impact on Earth’s climate, how would you do it? Explain your planned strategy. (25 points)

3.Describe in detail the logic behind attributing this most recent warming of the last 60-70 years on increased carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emission from humans. What other(natural) reasons for the warming can we rule out? (25 points)

4.Whatis the difference between climate adaptation and climate mitigation? Give examples, advantages, and disadvantages of both. Then, describe what you think is the best specific solution for climate mitigation. (25 points)