application design completion

Before starting the development or implementation of any solution, it is wise to ensure that you are addressing all the clients’ need. As a result, you should review the requirements to be sure that they were addressed in the design process.

  • What is the purpose of the Design Review Checklist?
  • Does the design address all stakeholder specific requirements?
  • Does the design consider feature consolidate and tradeoff?
  • Does the design address efficiency concerns based on business process flow?
  • Are there areas that can be improved? Where? And how?

Testing and Deployment

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  • Why should you test before deployment?
  • What process should be reviewed as a part of the testing process?
  • Who should be involved with the testing process?
  • What considerations should be given to the deployment process?
  • How should a schedule determined?
  • Should there be a rollback plan? Why or Why not?