assignment 1 and assignment 2 1

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I need answers for 2 Assignments, each assignment should have 4-5 pages with APA format and provide minimum 3 peer review references for each Assignments(clearly avoid plagiarism).

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Assignment 1: Understanding Key Services

1.1> Select a company, either real or fictitious.

1.2> Completely describe the company, including the business and where the company is located.

1.3> Determine the minimum services that must be maintained for that company after a disaster. What services should be restored first? What services do you think can be put off until later?

Assignment 2: Recovery Manager

2.1> Put yourself in the position of the recovery manager.

2.2> Determine and list the qualities you have that would make you an excellent candidate for this position.

2.3> Determine and list the qualities this position demands that you lack.

2.4> Write a proposal for upper management on why you think you are qualified for this position.

Note: Please write each Assignment in a different word document. please must be provide 3 peer review references for each Assignment.