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Requirements of the Assignment:, an expanding organization providing training for a variety of clients, currently locates in Office 101 of Building A with 10 computers in a bus topology. It is going to lease another two offices next month. One is Office 202 in the same building, and another is Office 303 in Building B across the parking lot. The distance between the two buildings is over 300 meters. The organization wants to expand the existing network as follows: a. 22 computers in Office 101, 33 computers in Office 202, and 44 computers in Office 303. b. A server hosts the organization’s website, and a server runs the organization’s business database. c. All computers including the database could be accessed via the Internet. d. Security and speed are the two top priorities. e. Budget should be reasonable.

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Your task is to write a short proposal of 5-6 double-spaced pages (excluding the diagram) for designing the network. Your proposal will address the following issues with appropriate justifications: ï‚· Introduction ï‚· The network operating system, equipment and media types. Give your reasons. ï‚· The topology(s) and protocol(s). Give your justifications. ï‚· The security. How you would take care of security issues. Provide your discussion in details. ï‚· The estimated and itemized cost for this network. Justify your budget. ï‚· The top five issues that affected your decision making. Briefly discuss each of them. ï‚· Citations if you had them. ï‚· A detailed diagram for the network designed in your proposal.

III. Grading Criteria:

The content, quality, clarity, and completeness of your report (70%). The organization/structure of your report (30%).

This assignment accounts 10% of your final grade.