business ethics questions 1

Questions are in the attached file: 3 Questions + 1 Referencing

1. What is Business Ethics? List and describe the reasons why businesses should be ethical.

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2. Lawrence and Weber state that: “Managers are key to whether a company and its employees will act ethically or unethically” (Lawrence & Weber, 2017, p 102).

Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Identify and describe the four methods of ethical reasoning that business managers can apply when faced with an ethical dilemma? What are some of the limitations of each method?

3. Doing business in a global context raises a host of complex ethical challenges. One such ethical challenge is bribery.

What is bribery and why does it pose an ethical dilemma to businesses?

Explain the purpose of the: “Say No Toolkit”. What ethical issues does this social media app try to address? What do you think is the biggest challenge to the success of this app?