business research paper 9

Hello, I have a research paper due for my english class. This paper should be pretty easy to write, given the sources I have preselected. If you have a business background it may help, but if not that’s okay! The basic requirements for the paper are as listed below:

– 1200 – 1500 word count

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– Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced

– APA style (in text citations and reference page required)

– Must utilize the 7 sources (6 of which will be in a word document, the last one will be a pdf)

– Must have paper completed by: SATURDAY, July 28th by Midnight (11:59 PM)

– Follow guidelines as shown in word document attached “FINAL RESEARCH PAPER”

– Must include the following:

  • Your analysis and examination of the problem and/or issue (within an organization or within your field of study)
  • Evaluation (make critical judgments) about an issue
  • Assembled evidence to support your claims
  • Present a possible solution or plan of action addressing the issue
  • Address the opposing viewpoint(s)
  • Consideration of your audience
    • (Consider your audience a “stakeholder”— someone who could make this change or at least take the first step.)

***The argument I am claiming in my research paper is Why businesses SHOULD utilize computerized accounting over manual accounting. ***