canada war history

This work need to choose three questions from the materials, three pages for each questions with double space. Total need 9 pages.

The specific requirements and questions is already upload, have to read the material carefully.

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This work have to use history-style format, the format template has been uploaded.

This work need footnotes, and i will provide 20 articles on these issues later. You will need to choose relevant articles to read and cite footnotes from them.

The most important things:

1. Any footnotes in this work must be find from the articles which i will upload later.

2. The format must meet the requirements. You can not use the APA style!!!!!!

This work has a large amount of reading, if you do not have the patience to read, please do not accept this work!!!!

This is a very important work, if you do not follow the require, i will choose the refund!