case presentation 5

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For this assignment, you will synthesize your understanding of the theories, best practices, and current trends in human services to create a case presentation that would be used during a staffing meeting/case conference in an agency. While most of these meetings are informal, many agencies/organizations use a more formal approach. To prepare for this future job responsibility and leadership role, create a paper that could be used during one of these meetings. Use the paper structure below to organize the facts and recommendations for your hypothetical client.

  • Begin by deciding the type of agency and job that interests you, and imagine you are a professional working at this. (Note: I am interesting in working in CPS (Child Protective Services), APS (Adult Protective Services), or being a Social Worker)
  • Next, create a hypothetical client or use one from a prior exercise in our class. (Do NOT use the Crabtree Family or Amy’s story for this assignment.)
  • Follow the suggested structure below for writing this paper. Add relevant details and leave out minor ones that are not relevant to the client’s progress. Use sub-headings to organize your information:

Respond to the questions below:

  • Client name and demographics (no sub-heading)
  • Presenting problem (sub-heading): What was the reason for the client enrolling in service at your agency? NAME OF ORGANZIATION and Job title (Child Welfare) Be specific about the problem, but do not add many extra details by “telling the client’s story;” just write a few sentences about the problem as the client perceived it. Why are they coming to see you
  • Goal (sub-heading): What are the client’s main intervention/treatment goals? Be specific and add as many as you can think of that would relate to the full scope of services that your agency might provide. However, remember that clients may want to limit their goals to three goals at a time or fewer, so it is important to prioritize goals. (Name at least 3 goals with Strength and resources for client)
  • Needs (sub-heading): What other needs does your client have that others in your agency might be able to provide or assist in making referrals?
  • Crisis (sub-heading): Probably, your client is not currently in crisis, so you would simply report that the client is stabilized and there are no ongoing crises for the moment. If your client is in the middle of a crisis, you would briefly describe it, only giving facts that are relevant.
  • Recommendations (sub-heading): This is the part of the paper (meeting) where you provide your professional opinion about the continued direction of the client’s progress, ideas for future goals, planning or strategies for helping the client, resource referrals, and any other suggestions that you have to advance your client’s care. You will spend time using information from your past classes to support your prioritized recommendations, so make this one of the longest sections of your paper. Use at least one theory and why and support it with creditable resource that will be checked such as Maslow Law

This paper should be a minimum of 6–8 pages or 1500–2000 words to respond to the sections in the case presentation. Write the paper using guidelines of Standard American English plagiarism is not tolerated. References are not required; however, any citations for scholarly academic references to support of your recommendations should be in APA format, including the addition of a reference page.

**** I would be prefer to have at least 5-6 creditable references that I can cross check with and proper English grammar along with correct in-text citations****


You may use any reference that you chose however please use correct in-text citation an reference them but here is also a the link to gain access to all the eBooks that you may use for this assignment that I have access to: