case study part two

Paper 1, Part 2

· Focus: theories and constructs, and individual and interaction of systems.

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· Various levels of influence that may contribute to the case should be discussed and well supported.

· The position of the paper should be framed by theoretical models and provide details and examples to support the argument.

· Discuss in terms of human development theories and constructs that relate to the case study.

· Demonstrate understanding and application of the factors at various levels in the systems that interact to contribute to the developmental crisis and that inhibit well-being and justice.

incorporate answers of the following two question questions into the paper

EQ2: How will you, in the role of school counselor, use theories of development to promote well-being?

· EQ3: How, as a school counselor, would you develop school counseling-related goals based on human development to promote well-being for students, for teachers, and programs?

The case scenario is attached, and the human development theories I would like to use is also attached in the file.

APA style, I need a title page and a reference page.