coaching analysis

DO only the 1st part of the assignment (underlined) ( 2 pages max )

Research three (3) scholarly sources on Coaching to help you identify the benefits and

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challenges of using a coaching facilitation style in the workplace.

Assignment is 1.5 spaced, size 12 Ariel or Times New Roman font

 the other part of the assignment I will not do now and I might do it myself based on what I learned in class. so If I needed help with that later I will post a new question for the same tutor to complete the assignment. so just be aware! and I posted the other half of the assignment just you have an idea what to expect next If I asked you to complete my assignment.

You will highlight what you learned from the Coaching Simulation using the International

Coaching Federation guidelines and powerful questioning techniques.

What lessons did you learn from this simulation? What surprised you, and what challenges

did you experience during the activity

. 3-4-page (maximum) -APA style