communication reflection paper 1

Prepare and submit through Turnitin a 4-6 page (12 font, double-spaced) paper on your understanding of your team communication style while participating on your Discovery Team as well as your plan of how you will apply what you have learned during OLCU 414. The paper should be specific and your grade will be determined on how well you demonstrate understanding of the concepts of teambuilding and effective communication and your action plan to apply the lessons from this course in the real world. While the paper should focus on your personal learning, insights and real world application, it must be based on course concepts.It should also include references to the textbooks and to the personal assessment instruments that have been used in the class such as the DISC, and Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Inventory as it relates to your communication practice.

What three (3) new insights did you gain about communication as it relates to teamwork, team building and conflict management?What did you learn about your own communication practice? What surprised you? What did you think or feel about these surprises? What was your experience on the DT team? What communication roles did you take on with the DT team?

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How would you characterize your own communication style with teams?What are your communication strengths that you can enhance and use to your advantage? What are you communication weaknesses and how do you plan on managing those?

What specific actions will you take to enhance your professional and/or personal communication effectiveness as a team member and leader