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Craft Beer Industry

Pretoria Fields is a microbrewery in Albany, Georgia that produces craft beers. The company open its doors in December of 2017, and by most accounts is doing well. The microbrewry has also played a key role in the revitalization of downtown Albany. The success enjoyed my Pretoria Fields is consistent with the growth of the craft brewery industry. While the craft beer industry has experienced impressive growth in recent years, the overall growth rate of the beer industry has slowed.

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Please scan the environment of the craft beer industry. After conducting the environmental scan, in at least 200 words, describe at least four environmental forces that have or will likely present threats and opportunities for the craft beer industry. Please read chapter three in your textbook before completing this assignment. Please use the APA format to cite at least four references. One of your four references should be the textbook for this course.

All assignments are graded based on the following criteria:

1. Content: How well the response met the requirements of the assignments. – 80%

2. References: The assignment met the required number of sources and the APA format was use to reference information gleaned from those sources. 10%

3. Communication: Students should adhere to all of the basic rules of effective writing and grammar when composing responses to assignments. The quality of the writing affects the quality of the assignments students submit. 10%

Textbook: Marketing by Kerin and Hartley, 14th Edition- ISBN 978-1-259-92404-0